Sunday, November 22, 2015


Clutter goes beyond a state of mess. You can be drowning in it! Are you too busy to breathe? Then you may have a major problem. Know this, Clutter is anything you don't like or love, anything broken and forgotten, anything not used, and anything which brings up unpleasant memories. 

If you have things pretty much in hand, you can fine tune your abode. If you are knee deep in confusion, start by clearing one top surface, like a table, bureau, buffet or desk. Make it orderly, polished and pristine. Keep this area as a magnet to help you focus and draw the "Beneficial Energies" you are striving to attract. 

Pick up things off the floor. Clutter on the floor is an impediment to the free flow of Chi which needs to happily circulate throughout your home -- from the outside world of Big Universal Chi, the macrocosm, into the small microcosm area of your home, Chi must flow, flow, flow! 

Take 20 minutes a day, as you can, to make strides. The holidays are a good time to clear away what is not useful to you, in order to draw in what you require. Clear your clutter, clear your mind and CREATE ANEW! 

Happy, Joyful Clearing! Remember, your positive attitude is a benediction as you clean and clear. So avoid feelings of resentment or being grumpy. You are blessing your home as you clear. For more information on Clutter Clearing, visit my website at