Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Healthy Home

Everything you do, affects everything else. And everything you left undone, affects you.” -- LW

By Feng Shui standards “a healthy home” has fresh air flowing through its interior space, is free of toxic influences, and is balanced in its Yin and Yang Qualities. The first indicator for a healthy home is that the interior space is continually cleansed by Natural Energy Forces – sunlight and air. Two elements we cannot live without. Airing one’s house daily, weekly, monthly, with the turn of the seasons is important. Commonly, a house is aired in the spring however, regular airings are preferable. Once a day, fresh air brings vitality into a home or office. It becomes even more important to air your interior when there have been any emotional conflicts, illness, animal odors, accidents, or unwanted environmental influences such as smoke. If you are not the original owners of the property, there is always the energy from the predecessor which must be cleaned out particularly if there was a serious illness resulting in a death. If the property was formerly used by persons who cultivated great Qi, your cleansing will enhance these qualities by your sincere respect for welcoming Divine qualities into your environment. 

You want to increase the circulation of Qi in an indoor space that you may be allowed to breathe and everything in the interior space also breathes. If the design of the house or building is well executed, air flow will reach every corner, flow through every room, and cleanse and invigorate every area of the interior space. On the other hand if there is poor design, few windows or no windows, then creating interior flow is crucial. The house breathes in air just as your lungs take in air to sustain life. Air and light are important elements in living healthy and happily.

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