Friday, July 19, 2019

Removing Negative Energy from Your Home - Create Personal Emotional-Mental Cleansing

We experience moments of stress and get confronted with life situations that require our utmost attention, stamina, and patience, or we end up feeling frustrated, anxious, agitated or angry. Life situations which fatigue us, frighten us, create unsettling energies, or create worry, panic, jealousy, and angst, can put us in a whirlwind of repetitive negative thoughts, emotions, and expressions. If we instigate conflict and negative emotional outcomes, we go into a spiral - worry, fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, rage. This will, and does, lead to physical and mental imbalances. All negative energies impact not only upon our own environment but in turn impact other people, our neighbors, our community and ultimately the world.

Such is the 'butterfly effect,' the flapping of a butterfly's
wings in Nepal can create a larger effect across the seas. Negative drama impacts upon us and drenches our dwelling spaces.

Every hostile or unkind word, every conflict and aggressive behavior, unmitigated sorrow or depression, screaming and raging, every negative experience that occurs in your home or workplace, leaves a residue. This residue is often palpable and very tangible. Sometimes very extreme and dramatic things happen such as sudden death, physical abuse, suicide or murder. Try selling a house where any of these things happened. It can be a tricky proposition. The more negative drama, the more darkened one's environment becomes. Chi, The Vital Life Force, is impeded. Our Personal Chi is under attack. If this residual quality is not diffused, eliminated and transformed, it will continue to resurface and augment with even greater negative reality. In equal measure, the more dramatic the negative outlay, the more clearing away of these unhealthy energies is required.

A professional Space Clearing Expert can assist you, but you can also help yourself and begin cleansing your environment by taking some preliminary steps. 1) Open all the windows. Let in fresh air and natural light. 2) Burn strong incense, Tibetan or Indian, or use Sage or Chen Pi, Chinese Tangerine Peel, while reciting a prayer or mantra. Make the sign of the four corners of the Earth throughout your house. 3) Burn scented or unscented candles, if you are allergic to scents; light and place in each room. 4) Ring Tibetan bells throughout the dwelling including closets and start with the main outside entrance. Repeat a prayer or mantra as you do this.. 5) Play soothing harmonious music throughout the house. Tonal sounds are most helpful. Selections from Meditative Mind featured on YouTube are good. The higher the frequency the more cleansing power is being distributed. See 'Wipe Out Negative Thoughts and Emotions" from Meditative Mind. Tonal sounds are Cosmic tones and don't carry emotional attachments we give to particular musical pieces. 6) Clean and de-clutter your environment. 7) Place fresh flowers throughout the house. 8) Sit and meditate daily preferably early morning and before retiring at night. Prepare your body with a shower followed by a bath in Epson salts or Essential Oils. 9) Chant and pray throughout your day. 10) Practice Mindfulness. Maintaining your personhood and caring for your environment is essential for creating Peace, Harmony, and Balance.

Together we can bring Beauty and Peace into the world. Visit me on FB and upcoming audios on Youtube.
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