Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Interiors Reflect Who You Are and Where You Are In Your Life

As soon as we walk into someone's home or their personal office, we receive a feeling, a sense of who the occupant is. As you walk into a room, the owner's disposition and presence is not only felt, but revealed by the artifacts, or absence of artifacts, placed there, the color scheme of the room and the 'energy' in the air. All is palpable. We are not separate from who we are and how we display ourselves within our dwellings and workspaces. Our rooms 'talk volumes'.

Some rooms are quiet and peaceful. Other rooms are noisy and rambunctious. Some rooms are very carefully laid out and regimented, while someone else has rooms that jump and shout. A busy artist's dwelling will vary from an interior designer's home. If you are an exacting person and prefer supreme cleanliness and order in your life, your rooms will reflect this stance. If you are more easygoing and take the day as it comes, your house will reflect this orientation. If you are careless about your habits, tend to gather more than you use, your rooms reflect this sensibility. We can't escape who we are.
There is no right or wrong. Who you are and what is important to you, is expressed by how your interior rooms are displayed. If you are a great lover of books and learning, if you write and delve into subject matters, you may see books which are cascading around tables, upon floors, spilling over here, and there - a cacophony of voices talking to you.

Ultimately, how energy or Qi is expressed around you, is partly set into motion by how you design and live in your space. Other contributing factors are both the location and the site of your dwelling, the materials it is constructed from, geographical input, plus those internal Intentions you carry.

Some homes may appear impersonal, even cold, while other homes scream and laugh with activity. If you create a little chaos in your home, you can always pick it up, sort it out, and begin anew. It's the same with the cycles of the seasons, and cycles within a day - sunshine, followed by clouds rolling in, then rain and thunderstorms, followed by clear blue skies and a peaceful evening.

Qi is always changing, moving, going somewhere and creating directions. This is its definite action. When any of the four components are missing, then Qi is hampered. How do you want to direct your Qi? How do you personally want to direct the Great Qi? This is what Feng Shui is all about. -DIRECTING Qi to create Beneficial Outcome - Harmony, Balance, Beauty, and Peace. These are stellar Attributes which impact on all levels of our human existence upon the Earth.

What we create in our personal space affects not only ourselves and those who come into our homes and offices, but also affects our neighbors, the animals and plant life. We are ALL INTERCONNECTED! Supporting Beneficial Feng Shui in our homes and offices, building with Kan Yu, The Kindness of Nature as our guide, creating Beauty instead of retaining ugly areas in our cities and towns, are prime actions for promoting a better life experience for all.

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